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BossRush Overlay Guide

BossRush is a Twitch stream overlay game that allows streamers and viewers to join forces and fight bosses to earn Red Coins! Players use chat commands to play. In order to to host a BossRush you must:

  1. Have active Loot with "Twitch Follow Required" or "Show Twitch stream details" enabled.
  2. Use the link to your BossRush game in your stream tool as a "Browser" overlay.
  3. Start your Stream with the overlay visible. Shortly after you start streaming the LootLinkMeBot will join your Twitch channel.
  4. As a channel Moderator or Broadcaster type !newgame in your Twitch chat to start the game!
Stream mods can type the following chat commands:

Starts the BossRush overlay game. This game allows viewers to attack every 5 minutes to earn Red Coins and do damage to the boss. When the boss is defeated participating players receive bonus Red Coins based on their performance.


This will resume the previously played game.

!buff {Username}

Increases user's BossRush attacks by 25% for the next 5 attacks.

!nerf {Username}

Decreases user's BossRush attacks by 50% for the next 5 attacks.

!lootban {Username}

Bans user from participating in your Lootlink games. This includes your BossRush games and your regular Loot on the site.

!lootunban {Username}

Unbans user from participating in your Lootlink games.

Streamers and viewers can type the following chat commands:

Every boss cycles through four different element vulnerabilities. Use the right elemental attack for optimal damage and earn Red Coins!


Attack with Fire


Attack with Ice


Attack with Light


Attack with Earth


When in Red Coins mode, users in the Twitch chat can type !redcoins every 20 minutes to earn 1 to 50 x Red Coins.


Shows your Lootlink account stats in the chat.


Short message explaining the BossRush mode.

Here's how it looks in action!

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